Fetching the christmas tree

Even as a child, the most excitement came when the decorated Christmas tree stood in our living room on Christmas Eve. It was only then that Christmas really began. I can still vividly remember the smell of the tree spreading throughout the room over the next few days. But where does the tradition of putting a tree inside the house and decorating it for Christmas actually come from?

Despite being a symbol of Christmas in Christianity, the origins of the Christmas tree are thought to have come from a pagan tradition.
People used to place so-called winter branches in their house around the time of the winter solstice. These green branches were a symbol of life, were meant to drive away winter spirits and promised protection and fertility. Families used to go into the forest themselves and cut down a tree they liked in times gone by. This is no longer an option nowadays due to nature conservation laws, meaning that this event, which is usually rich in tradition for many families, has been lost. Nevertheless, those who still place a lot of value on this tradition and wish to respect the origin of a local tree have the opportunity of paying a visit to the Mair family in their Christmas tree nursery in Trins.

The snow-covered Christmas tree nursery in Trins

We wanted to make the experience as authentic as possible and took a 15-minute stroll along the snow-covered meadow trail no. 49 from Steinach into the valley towards Trins. Upon arrival at the Christmas tree nursery, we are greeted by the Mair family. Many members of the family lend a hand here. Together with Peter, the head of the establishment, we are able to immediately set off into the field and start looking for trees. It only takes a few seconds before I’m on my way to a really beautiful Nordmann fir that has grown very evenly and is not too big. We seem to have accomplished our mission – but our hopes are premature. The tree is unfortunately already reserved, Peter explains to us. Some people drop by when they go for a walk as early as October and mark the tree of their choice by putting a name tag on it, so that they can then go and get it in December. This means that the search goes on. There are many different varieties in the Christmas tree nursery. From the classic and popular Nordmann fir to the more unusual Colorado fir. The seedlings are purchased at the age of 4 and planted in Trins. It then takes around 6 years for them to grow into a grand Christmas tree.

I decide to stick with the classic Nordmann fir and after a short time I find my ideal little tree. The head of the establishment lends a hand and cuts down the fir himself. One thing is certain for us – a tradition has been born. We will also get our tree next year ourselves from the Christmas tree nursery in Trins.

Attention: Tree falling!
The price of the tree is measured precisely
The Christmas tree is shouldered and carried home – next time we’ll bring a toboggan with us

Tip: The Christmas trees from Trins can be purchased at various sales points around the Wipp Valley in December. There is also the opportunity on the 2nd Saturday and 3rd Saturday and Sunday in December to pick out the tree yourself at the Christmas tree nursery on the Wiesenweg in Trins and bring it home.

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