Fear of heights? Not a chance!

Diana is professionally active in quality management and organisational development. The athletic 40-year-old lives in Innsbruck and adores rock climbing. She has found the perfect “playground” for her passion in St. Jodok. In addition to the via ferrata, recently there have been seven multi-pitch routes in difficulty levels 3 to 7 made available.

How it all began
Diana recounts her first climbing experience in St. Jodok: “We suddenly enjoyed spring-like temperatures in February 2021 and that made me want to head for the rocks. I googled via ferratas around Innsbruck in sunny locations that were easy to reach by public transport. That’s when I came across the Peter Kofler via ferrata in St. Jodok.”

Climbing action
Climbing action

15 pitches and a permanent grin
Diana noticed an information board about climbing routes at the entrance to the via ferrata. She immediately realised that this wall could be the solution to her “multi-pitch problem”. “I had wanted to take up multi-pitch climbing for years, but never really found the right moment or the right place to do it,” she recalls. Everything seemed perfect in St. Jodok. No sooner had the weather turned out favourable did she contact Thomas Senfter from the Wipptal Mountain Guide Association, and by March 2021 she had successfully completed the first tour with 15 pitches. She returned to Innsbruck in comfort by the S-Bahn train with a “permanent grin” on her face and lots of useful knowledge in her backpack. “Where else can you get closer to a climbing route by public transport than by car?” Diana says enthusiastically. This means she can leave the car at home on weekends.

Diana beim Klettern
Visible joy when climbing

“Break from the world”
According to Diana, the Stafflacher Wand experience begins when she boards the S-Bahn in Innsbruck. “St. Jodok with its small organic shop at the car park, where she likes to buy her snacks, along with the charmingly restored chapel on the way to the beginning of the climb, the sunny location, the perfectly secured wall including pleasant places to stand, the peace and tranquillity and, of course, the wonderful views that accompany you throughout the entire tour, all of this makes it such a unique place for me,” Diana raves. She can take a “break from the world” here. Whenever she comes down from the wall, when she washes her hands at the little fountain at the chapel and organises her gear after climbing, she just feels content and relaxed.

Mehreilenlängen Klettern Stafflacher Wand
Topo Multi-rope lengths Climbing on the Stafflacher Wand

Tip: Anyone wanting to try multi-pitch climbing for the first time should consider booking one of our mountain guides.

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