Hiking with a pram

“Let’s get out into the fresh air”, we thought when our little one woke up one afternoon in June from a nap. But where to? The walk should not be impassable or steep because of our pram. We also wanted to spend the afternoon undisturbed in nature.

We decided to take the meadow path (Wiesenweg), an easy hike from Steinach to Trins along the Gschnitzbach stream. It starts at the car park of the Bergeralm valley station, where we passed meadows with rustic “hay barn” on an asphalted road. Always accompanied by the pleasant rush of the Gschnitzbach stream, the fresh air and the breathtaking mountain scenery, seating along the way invites you to linger and enjoy a picnic.

Der Weg von Steinach nach Trins ist ideal für einen Spaziergang mit Kinderwagen.
The easy hike from Steinach to Trins is ideal for pushing prams

Coffee break on the sun terrace
After approx. two hours – pure walking time around 40 min – we reached the wooden bridge over the Gschnitzbach stream, where you can return to Steinach on the other side of the stream. But since it was a wonderful early summer day, we walked further into the valley to the “Liftstüberl” snack bar in Trins. We enjoyed a coffee on the sun terrace there and watched the other children playing. It wouldn’t be long before our Amalia would also be romping around there.

Das ist Sport - Kinderwagen schieben!
That keeps you fit: pushing a pram!

Spring water, raspberry shrubs & dragonflies
Returning home via the forest path on the other side of the stream, we refreshed ourselves with a sip of cool spring water. Numerous flowers and herbs line the side of the path while the raspberry shrubs invited us to have a nibble. The small pond on the right side of the trail a little further towards Steinach was again full of tadpoles, water-runners and dragonflies buzzing around. There is plenty for the little ones to see!

Die idyllische Landschaft am Talboden des Gschnitztales.
The beautiful and idyllic landscape of the Gschnitz valley

“Herrenwasserl” place of power
On the right side above the now slightly steeper running forest path shortly before Steinach is the “Herrenwasserl”: the small cobbled pool filled with crystal clear fresh spring water is an excellent place for Kneipp hydrotherapy – especially on warm summer days. The entire round lasts around 1.5 hours and is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life with the kids.

Our tip:
Three more walks that can be done with prams:
• Hike along the Alpine Flower Circular Trail with a visit to the Alpine Flower Garden in Schmirn
• Hike to the café at the Basecamp along the cycle path from Steinach to Matrei
• Hike to the Peeralm hut in Navis

Familie Holzmann - Daniela, Peter und Tochter Amalia
Family Holzmann – Daniela, Peter and daughter Amalia

More can also be found at www.wipptal.at/hiking
Have fun with your kids 🙂

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