The Gerichtherrnalm – inconspicuous but special

This traditional alpine hut, at an altitude of 1,663m not far from the Bergeralm in Steinach, always brings back fond childhood memories. It was and is a perfect excursion destination for families with small children, but is also ideally located as a rest stop or stopover for alpine hikers or (e) mountain bikers. In my opinion, what makes the Gerichtsherrnalm a special excursion destination? The traditional alpine hut is authentic and simple – just like back then. In addition, you have a fantastic view of the surrounding mountains of the Stubai Alps, such as the Serles (2,717 m), the Kesselspitze (2,728 m) and the Blaser (known for it’s magnificent bloom) (2,241 m).

Ausblick ins Gschnitztal
View over the Gschnitztal

Excursion destination for families
For children, the excursion begins with an exciting gondola ride from the valley station of the Bergeralmbahn up to the middle station. The spacious gondolas also easily accommodate our stroller. Once at the top, we first hike to the right in the direction of Bärenbachl. Admittedly, this small part of the trail requires a little patience, as the children are magically drawn to the various stations in the Bärenbachl water and adventure world. Once at the top, we follow the signs to the Gerichtsherrnalm. Now a leisurely forest path in the shade with minimal incline leads us on. We are always accompanied by a fantastic view of the Gschnitztal, where the mountaineering villages of Trins and Gschnitz are embedded.

Der Forstweg zur Gerichtsherrnalm
The forest path to the Gerichtsherrnalm

In addition to the beautiful view, we are happy that there are countless wild strawberries and raspberries to the left and right of the path. Collecting the forest fruits extends our walk to a little over an hour, but the alpine hut can normally be reached from the Bergeralm in about 45 minutes.

Die geernteten Himbeeren
The freshly picked raspberries taste particularly good

The small area around the Gerichtsherrnalm offers space to romp around and plenty of seating. Children will find small water games on the flowing brook. Even if these are nothing special compared to the adventure worlds that are common today, the element of water still gives children fun and creative play opportunities. A small fountain filled with crates of drinks supplies arriving bikers and hikers when the hut is closed.

Wasserspiel auf der Alm
Water feature on the alp

Centuries of tradition
The history of the Gerichtsherrnalm goes back a long way. Old documents tell about the former “Stolzenalpe”, which has been farmed for centuries. It was not until around 1900 that the name “Gerichtsherrnalm” developed, as the owner at the time was the wife of the judge in Steinach. In 1918, Mr. Josef Vötter acquired this alp, which has been owned by the family ever since. At the beginning of the 1970s, the old alpine pasture building was demolished and a new hut was built.

Die alte Almhütte
The old alpine hut

Tip: Bike Tour
Even without children, the Gerichtsherrnalm is a popular destination for me, especially with my mountain bike. After starting in Steinach, I like to cycle in the direction of the Bergeralm valley station and then follow the new Gschnitztal waterway. After the Herrnwasserl I turn left and fight my way up path no. 45/43. In around 1 hour and 45 minutes (there and back) you can climb around 650 meters in altitude over 16 kilometers.

Auch mit dem Bike eine lohnende Tour
Also a worthwhile tour by bike
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