Traditional Kirchtagskrapfen (fried pies)

A real treat of the Wipptal that you simply have to try once in the Wipptal!

There is no question that Kirchtagskrapfen (fried pies) are a real speciality here in the Wipptal and are a staple of traditional cuisine. Anyone who has ever eaten this delicacy knows exactly what I’m talking about.
The cuisine of the Wipptal boasts a number of delicacies. Kirchtagskrapfen are just one of the secret recipes. They are served on special occasions such as Kirchtag (feast day of the patron saint), also known as Kirchweihsonntag.

Every region has its own special way of serving Kirchtagskrapfen. This is true for both the shape of the fried pies and the filling. There are no limits to the imagination. The Kirchtagskrapfen in the Wipptal are traditionally made with a dried pear and poppy seed filling (the so-called sweet filling).
In the Ziller Valley, by contrast, there is a savoury version with a cheese filling. Our southern neighbours in South Tyrol serve fried pies with a poppy seed filling as well as with a jam filling.
Kirchtagskrapfen also have a high status in our home and there is always something very special when this sweet dish is served on the table. It was a tradition with my parents and grandparents back home to serve fried pies on special occasions and this is still the case today. My mum, sister and I jumped at the opportunity one Saturday and prepared Kirchtagskrapfen together for the whole family.

There’s quite a bit of work that goes into making the fried pies, but you can easily make them yourself with a little skill and patience.

Wipptaler Kirchtagskrapfen

250 g of wheat flour
250 g of rye flour
70 g of butter
2 yolks
1/4 l milk
Rum, salt

500 g of dried pears
approx. 500 g of plum jam
approx. 250 g of poppy seeds
cinnamon, rum
nuts and curd cheese as desired


First salt the flour and melt the butter in warm milk.
Then mix the yolks, milk, rum and flour into a medium-firm dough.
Let the dough stand for about half an hour.
Form a roll, cut off small pieces and roll out thin sheets.
Place the filling in the middle using a spoon, fold and press together and/or round off with a “Krapfenradl” (pastry wheel).

Then deep-fry in hot oil, drain on kitchen roll and serve. Depending on your taste, you can sprinkle icing sugar on the Kirchtagskrapfen.
Enjoy making them!

Anyone who wants to experience the unique taste of the fried pies, but doesn’t fancy preparing them themselves, has the opportunity to try them at various events organised in summer and winter in the Wipp Valley. Guests and locals alike are indulged by hard-working farmers.
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