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An important north-south axis is currently being tunnelled through. The construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel between Innsbruck and Franzensfeste/Fortezza and the existing access routes will make this construction the longest underground railway link in the world, with a total length of 64 km, following its expected completion in 2027. Those wishing to learn more about this gigantic construction should definitely visit the “Tunnel Worlds” BBT Info-Center next to the JUFA Hotel in Steinach.

Sabine & Paul im BBT Infocenter
Sabine & Paul –  BBT Infocenter Tunnel Worlds

Lots of information, games and fun
Loyal regular guests to the Tunnel Worlds include 6-year old Paul and his mother Sabine. Both of them enjoy the Tunnel Worlds thanks to the leisure programme, which is always well received by little Paul, especially in bad weather. Visitors can examine various types of rock under a magnifying glass, simulate a blasting or an earthquake, rebuild a tunnel with building blocks and playfully learn a lot about statics on 800 m² of exhibition space. Paul finds the air machine particularly terrific. Visitors can throw small, colourful balls, which are then transported through a tube by means of air pressure.

Be active and take a break
Paul can demonstrate his courage on a small climbing wall and show his mum how skilfully and quickly he has mastered the various routes.

Kletterwand im Infocenter
Paul showing off on the climbing wall

Should this tire him out a little, he enjoys retreating to the adjacent fairy-tale cave. He enjoys a wonderful fairy tale over headphones, while Sabine uses this time to watch the informative film about the construction progress in the adjoining information area and learns everything about the current status of the Brenner Base Tunnel construction project.

Märchenstunde im Infocenter
Time for a break – listen to fairytal stories

Big plans for next summer
Now that Paul has become a schoolchild, his mother Sabine has promised him that they will hike together on the Padastertal Panorama Trail during the next summer holidays. Hikers will have to bring some stamina with them, since the whole round lasts approx. 2.5 hours. However, you can see a part of the Wolf mega construction site, namely the Padastertal excavated landfill, nearby. Paul is especially excited about visiting the observation platform, which can be reached via a metal staircase, and the illuminated water tunnel, through which visitors have to pass. Paul is still content with his visits to the Tunnel Worlds into the summer. This is also possible in the afternoon after school or on the weekends, when dad also has time to go along.

Am Panoramaweg Padastertal
Information points and good views to the construction site

“Tunnel Worlds” Brenner Base Tunnel Info-Center
Alfons-Graber-Weg 1
6150 Steinach
directly at the JUFA Hotel
Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday from 10.00 – 17.00, closed Mondays
Free entry!

More information about the Padastertal Panorama Trail you’ll find in our interacitve map: To map

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