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An overnight stay in a mountain hut for me is the ultimate experience. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on a high-altitude trail for a few days, just need a base for high-altitude tours or simply want to spend a weekend in the mountains and forget about everyday life in the valley for a while.
Would you like to experience this too? Then check out these tips for spending the night in a mountain hut.

Reservation and cancellation
You now have to book your accommodation at all huts in advance these days. The easiest way to do so is to check out the hut’s homepage. Otherwise you will find the e-mail address or telephone number to make your reservation here. My tip: try to avoid calling during lunch or dinner times, when things tend to get pretty hectic.
Please pick up the phone and cancel your reservation if you can’t make it to the hut as planned. This will give another guest the chance to secure a place to sleep and the hosts won’t have to worry about you needlessly.

Things that we take for granted in the valley can quickly turn into a logistical challenge in a mountain hut. The majority of huts are now very well prepared to cater for vegetarians. It’s a little different with vegan food or allergies/intolerances. My tip: contact the hut well in advance by phone so that special dietary requirements can be clarified.

Gaststube auf der Hütte
The breakfast buffet at the Bremer Hütte leaves nothing to be desired

Showers, washing facilities and electricity
Comfort in the huts has changed a lot in recent years, with some huts almost resembling a small hotel in the mountains. For instance, hot and cold showers are now often provided (for a fee). Please note, however, that water shortages in summer mean that there are more restrictions. Sometimes a quick wash in the washroom might be enough? My tip: water is a valuable commodity in the huts, please use it sparingly.

Mobile phone, watch, camera… everything consumes electricity. Electricity is provided at the huts by generators or, in the best case, by solar power. There are often charging stations for your devices. Again, kindly use electricity sparingly. My tip: take a rechargeable battery or a power bank with you. The latter are now equipped with solar cells, allowing you to attach them to your backpack and charge them during the day.

Die Route muss gründlich geplant werden
Tour planning at a hut is often done with a good old hiking map

At night, when everything sleeps…
Oh what I haven’t already witnessed in the lodgings of the hut world. The most important rule: absolute silence prevails between 22:00 and 06:00! If you have to leave early: pack your backpack in the evening and sneak out quietly. Rustling around with your plastic bags before six o’clock is just as “criminal” as switching on the light, so use your headlamp. On the subject of a good night’s sleep: earplugs protect you from snoring and early risers.

Stockbetten auf einer Hütte
In the dormitory, it is important to organize yourself well so that you do not disturb other hut visitors

And furthermore

  • It’s best to bring your mountain boots to the drying room as soon as you arrive
  • Please sign the guest book
  • Make sure you bring your own sleeping bag
  • Leave your lodgings as you found them
  • Take your AV or NaturFreunde ID card with you
  • Cash is king: usually there is no option to pay by card
  • Please take your rubbish back to the valley
  • Are you hiking with your dog? Find out whether dogs are welcome on your hut tour.

You will be welcomed to the huts by a perfectly coordinated team that is on its feet with passion from morning to night. With the right preparation and a little patience you are sure to have an unforgettable stay in a mountain hut. By the way, you’ll find everything your mountaineering heart could desire here in the Wipptal, from entry-level hut tours to Alpine treks.

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